Jared KF Jones is a Christian/Gospel artist based in Nashville, Tennessee.   

His uplifting brand of Christian music is infused with sophisticated, pop-leaning R&B influences that draw comparison to the likes of Ne-Yo and Michael Jackson. Soulful, jazzy and wholly devoted to God, Jared dives deep into the Spirit on every song, building others up and encouraging the ministry of God with his musical gift.   

Though the Boston native initially pursued an R&B and pop solo career in his twenties, he felt an even deeper pull towards songwriting and starting a family. He honored his instincts, working full-time and singing lead in his wedding band, Splash. Success, however, was imminent: Jared’s original songs started getting featured in major TV network films and shows such as The Game (BET), The Voice and Days of Our Lives (NBC), and The Young and The Restless (CBS).   

But Jared still felt that his music was to serve a greater purpose. Buoyed by his love of music, he prayed for God to light the way, and in early 2019, Jared heard in his spirit that he needed to become an encourager. Having moved his family to Nashville, he followed the call and focused on reinvention. By October, Jared had stepped into his light as a Christian/Gospel artist, releasing his powerful solo debut album, ‘For Your Encouragement’. Featuring uptempo hits like ‘Perfectly Designed’ (which appreciates how God made us special and unique) and mid-tempo songs like ‘Mess of Me’ (a plea for forgiveness and admitting that we need God’s grace), Jared found his purpose in music: building people up with God’s Word and spreading the joy of the Lord. 

A pastor’s kid, Jared grew up in the church but was too shy to sing in public. That didn’t stop him performing: his stardom was sparked in his first-grade school talent show, when he danced the iconic moonwalk to roaring praise from the auditorium. He penned his first song aged 13, when, too shy to talk to a girl he liked, he went home and wrote a song instead. Switching cassette tapes back and forth, he recorded it on his karaoke machine — and he’s been hooked on music since. 

 Stream Jared’s new single, “He Is”, available now on all streaming services, and impacting christian radio.

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