1. Underway

From the recording For Your Encouragement

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Written and Performed by: Jared KF Jones
Produced by: Ezemdi Chikwendu
Mastered by: Sam Moses for MosesMastering.com


(Jared Kirk-Frederick Jones/ASCAP: 473612749, Ezemdi Chikwendu/ASCAP: 830939915)

Verse 1
What good is my faith with no action?
Like a window with no pane
A place without a name
Why do I expect my perfection?
I'm ashamed of my mistakes
But changes come in phases

When I, think I'm not enough
Wasting, all of my 2nd chances
I remember...

I'm Underway
I'm Underway
I'm a work, work, work in progress
He ain't through with me yet (2x)

Verse 2
Never given more than I can handle
But still feel overwhelmed
I don't leap cause’ I might fail
Tempted by the endless distractions
Seduced by something new
Chasing a liar’s truth

Who's in this with me
I'm not too proud, to admit I don't have it all, together


All my shame (God is bigger than that)
My mistakes (God is bigger than that)
Life pressures (God is bigger than that)
(Bigger than that, bigger than that)
My self-doubt (God is bigger than that)
All my pride (God is bigger than that)
My history (God is bigger than that)
(bigger than that, bigger than that)

I'm underway, Underway
I'm a work in progress, He ain't through with me yet
He's still workin' on me, workin' on me
chorus (2x)



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©2019 Jared KF Jones/Speak EZ Music