Jared KF Jones

Jared KF Jones
Jared KF Jones


This song was written in 2014, but I wanted to release it at this time. Every single day there is something new that shows us how much hate this world is filled with. Politicians spewing lies to each other, and to us. Some authority figures showing no respect or regard for the life of another. Families not speaking to each other for years. Let's just stop...take a moment...and try to figure out what each of us can do to disrupt and disturb this hate.


What Peace Means
(Jared Kirk-Frederick Jones)

Verse 1,
If you hate me, I'll still love you
Fightin harder means we both lose
We all bleed the same color
Into this world through a mother

I'm gonna trust in the trustless
Gonna hope for the hopeless
Change I wanna see, starts with me,
Gonna rip apart the agony

Can we break down our walls?
Let love conquer the war
What peace...What peace
What peace means to me...

In the midst of the storm
Come together, lock arms
What peace...What peace
What peace means to me

All bleed the same color (4x)

Verse 2
Truth is we're in this together
Everybody breathes the same air
Nobody deserves anything less?
Selfish desires are so overrated

When I look up I see the skies, blue
Open your eyes you see the same too
You can choose to see the best in me
We're all flawed and fail to be the dream we seek


Greed, Pride, Hate crimes
All starts with a hurt on the inside
Love, Peace, can we agree
We can make the world harmony



Copyright 2014