Jared KF Jones
Jared Kirk-Frederick Jones, Ezemdi Chikwendu


The Best of Me
Jared Jones (ASCAP), Ezemdi Chikwendu (BMI)

Verse 1
I gave you the nickname
Someone else is saying now
I taught you to trust love
When you didn’t know how
Many conversations
I spent to build you up
Thought I was kind and patient
I guess it wasn’t enough

I guess I was just a step in the process
This ain’t a list of my regrets
Let’s get to the top of the truth

Cause you’re not with me
And I’m still with you
Just like in our picture
But I’m the one missing
You used the best of me
Now you’re loving my love
On someone you love
Forgetting where it came from
Wait til’ they see the best of you

Verse 2
You’re not the same one
Without a care in the world
You made me a promise
That I still haven’t heard
Was I in a bottle?
Did you take your wish and leave?
Maybe perfect timing
I proved that I could pick up your pieces



Can’t remember when I figured it out
Early on I had my doubts
How could I know for sure?
I arranged it
Someone you can’t ignore
It’s so much easier
When you have yourself to blame
If I were you I’d wonder how
Half my love feels the same



Lyrics & Melody: Jared Jones
Music By: Ezemdi Chikwendu
© 2010 Speak-EZ Music

Mixed by: Unne Lijeblad (www.unne.net)
Mastered by: Tom Waltz (www.waltzmastering.com)