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Jared KF Jones
Jared Kirk-Frederick Jones, Ezemdi Chikwendu


Verse 1
Feel like I'm drowning in thin air
Feel like I'm sinking in a pool that ain't there
Somebody call the doctor in
I may need surgery, I'm beyond repair

Hope it's not too late for me
My gift is the hours waiting

I'm just stuck
Don't know where I'm going yet
Or how will I get there
Is there a reason why?

I'm so stuck
Life's in over my head
Is this where the answers end?
I'm so...Stuck

Verse 2
Shouldn't waste any time
I'm looking to the future, but my eyes are blind
Somebody left me behind
I never saw their face, cause I never tried

Looking for someone to blame
But who else is in my place?


My life is not the dream that I was wishing for
Did I get the wrong one?
Where are all the people who should care?
I've been searching everywhere
When will it be my turn?
I need to hear your footsteps



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