Jared KF Jones

Jared KF Jones
Jared KF Jones (ASCAP), Charles Hudgins (ASCAP)


Verse 1

Do you turn a lie, to something you want?

Caught in a fight

That can never be won

If either one of us believes it then it's right



You make me feel

Like all I do is not enough

Well enough



If I'm not the one

(One, One, One, One)

Should you apologize for wasting my life?


If I'm not the one,

(One, One, One, One)

Love took my by surprise

Hid you from my eyes



Verse 2

Do you, you deserve, someone like me?

Take you at your word

No suspicions just belief

I promise you will never be complete

Without me







I know what it feels like

When the one you should love is

Right before your eyes

Can't let your life become a lie


Should this be my last goodbye?

Goodbye, Goodbye

Heart-breaker you just gotta let me go

(Heart-breaker you just gotta let me go)

Let me know, let me know

When you know



If I'm Not the One




Produced by: Charles Hudgins (ASCAP)