Jared KF Jones

Jared KF Jones
Jared KF Jones


Don't Wait Another Day
Jared KF Jones (ASCAP)

Verse 1
Take one second to read me over
Went from hopeless to more than colors
Take one look around
Am I too much to give up?

Don't wait...another day
Tomorrow it might be too late
To tell me you love me
Tell me you love me today

Verse 2
Don't let me walk away from silence
No more secrets, you're eyes can't hide it
Is my world enough?
Or do you need something
(much more)

Missed calls all day, and I'm here now
Last chance to make me all yours
Don't let someone else
Take away your love

Chorus (2x)

I can't make no choices for you
It's up to you
Just where we go from here
Can't turn back the hands of time

I tried...
But each time...I
Make the same mistakes over again
Can you finally put this to an end?

Chorus (2x)


Copyright 2015 Jared KF Jones