New Artist/New Producer - Dua Lipa and Ian Kirkpatrick

Every now and again when I'm driving back home from a performance, I'll put on a Spotify playlist in hopes I'll hear something I've never heard before. Last night, "New Rules", by Dua Lipa came on, and it was instantly on repeat for the next hour. I love the melody and I love the production.

Dua Lipa is a 21 year old singer-songwriter from London, who is currently signed to Warner Music Group. She'll be the opening act on part of Bruno Mars' World Tour. You can hear "New Rules", on Spotify here.

Ian Kirkpatrick is the music producer of "New Rules", and is based in Los Angeles. He also produced Jason Derulo's hit, "Want To Want Me". (I love Ian's sound!)

I love coming across new artists and producers I had not previously known about. If you have any artists, producers, or songwriters you think I should hear, let me know.

You can read more about Dua Lipa here on her Wikipedia page.

You can read more about Ian Kirkpatrick here on his Wikipedia page.

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