Jared KF Jones
Jared KF Jones, Charles Hudgins


Jared KF Jones (ASCAP), Charles Hudgins (ASCAP)

Verse 1
Give me a reason,
To give it all up, do I need it?
Stop me from dreamin,
Is this what you want, what you're feelin?
Don't believe it, I wonder...

Any moment, it could be my time now
Right side up now
I need to believe in me

These next moments gonna be our time now,
Be our time now...
Heads up!

Never let anything try to bring you down
Heads up
You know who you are
A Believer

Don't give up, you're so close, and you've come too far
Heads up
You know who you are are
A believer........
A believer.......

Verse 2
Give me a reason
To believe even when you don't see it
Like Jesus

Started with nothin,
I live to become my best something
There's no rushin
I will get there

Pre Chorus


Cause I know what it feels like
To be dreamin, you need it
And it's a part of your life
Believe it, Keep Believin'


Ending Vamp
You can, turn it around (4x)


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